The Great Plotnik

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Desi Makes Himself at Home

Monday, July 28, 2014

This Could Be the Beginning

OK, Dan got up the tree and brought down that 12 0z. jewel on the left. Some might say waiting twenty years for one large and one small avocado is a lot of wait for not much guacamole. But the weather is warming up. Could this not mean larger crops season after season, as our planet prepares to burn itself up and raise sea levels past a point of no return for humans?

While we wait for that day, wouldn't it be great to have unlimited guacamole and fresh salsa from peppers and tomatoes already thriving on the back deck?

Plus, there are more avocados on the tree, they're just in places where we can't get them. Pruning the tree will help, as will repeated use of the Guacamolotor.  Who can say this tree hasn't been saving all its energy for a few seasons of unfathomably large avocado production?

Can you say that? I didn't think so. #guacforall.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dan Puts in Two Pins, Plus Dinner with the Berkos

Dan put Tel Aviv and Jerusalem right next to Bron's Amman and Petra.

Claire is heading off to Paris to find (love and) adventure.

Jillian just keeps getting prettier.

And Isabella has mastered her Teenage Angst Pose. But it's a ruse.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bells: July 2014 Self Portraits

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Great Day

First we got to see Rachel and Tenley down at the Ferry Building, after Barack's motorcade went by.

Then look who arrived!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jumping For Joy

Isabella arrives tomorrow and we have to pay up. I owe her for each base hit she got this year and she got four.

She is bringing her brother Desi the Entertainer. He is known as the Tasmanian Devil around his house. We have been moving things a foot or two higher.

The Great PD and the Great 5H are coming too. Many things planned, of which few if any will actually get done. We'd like to go pick peaches out in Brentwood but may end up with padrones from the back porch. The Giants-Dodgers were a possibility but there were only bad/expensive tickets available, so maybe it's TV. Maybe we'll keep the kids here and send PD and 5H out on their own to explore their new home in the Mission, the one that they're going to stumble on and pay cash for, right after they get home from flying to Arabia with Tinkerbell and Spider Man. Or maybe they'll just go to la Nebbia for lasagna.

These trips come rarely and are over too soon, but it's too early to worry about that.  The good news is we'll see them again the following weekend at Mummy P's Big Blowout.

I was looking at an old story I'd published a few years ago in the Noe Valley Voice, and one of the sections is about turning fifty. 50! At first, I'd thought I'd read the story at Mummy P's Blowout, except she's turning a hundred! 100!

Fifty seems pretty darned puny, doesn't it? Anyway,at this point I can hardly remember fifty.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Omar Sosa

Wow, what a show last night at SF Jazz Center. It had been close to twenty years since we last saw Omar Sosa and his band smokes more than ever. Cuban-Mozambiquan-with plenty of strangeness and even more grooves.

First time for the P's in the new Jazz Center building, but not the last. Going in a few weeks for the Yemeni Dance Party and then we see Alan Toussaint is coming in November. CanNOT miss that.