The Great Plotnik

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Bobo Waves to Desi

We grabbed this from a video we were shooting for Desi. Bobo is waving to him (though currently he is in Seattle).

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I Hate Baseball, You Know What I Mean

We left Deer Isle at 9am, Crow drove us to Bangor, got there by 10:30, caught the 11am Concord Coach to Portland, pulled in at 1:15pm, walked around the corner for fabulous Italian sandwiches...

ASIDE: The place is calls Anania's. Real East Coast Chicken Parm, Meatballs, squishy bread, ten-finger grease and red sauce bath. Don't forget the Whoopee Pie.

...then took a cab to the Portland Airport...

ASIDE: All cab drivers at the airport and bus station in Portland Maine, are from Ethiopia or Somalia.

...where we sat, sat, sat, waiting for the 4:40 plane to Detroit

ASIDE: The Delta terminal at Detroit Airport is world-class, like the future envisioned in 1975, monorails whizzing by, glass, fountains. Don't look outside...

...changed planes and waited another hour and a half for the 7:59 plane to SFO which was delayed until 8:15. Landed at 9:55 our time.

The second we touched down I took my phone off Airplane Mode to check the score of the Dodger-Giant game. We were ahead 4-3 in the eighth but I had exactly 4% juice left on my phone.

In the cab to World Headquarters I had 1% left when they tied it up. The cab driver was from an African country that does not prioritize listening to baseball games on the radio.

Ran into the house, mm hmmm, mm hmmm, everything looks fine, fine, fine, OK now run downstairs and turn on the TV, we've got a runner on third and one out -- they balk home the winning run! -- but --they DON'T CALL IT! You can see it clear as day but -- THEY DON'T CALL IT!

It's been a really long and exhausting day but , OK, extra innings.

I couldn't do it, fell asleep in the top of the 14th. Then A.J., Jimmy, Chase and A-Gon won it in the bottom. I slept uneasily until I checked my IPad, saw we'd won the game, then settled into a lovely slumber.

After such a long and wonderful month, starting with Isabella being here and taking her to L.A. and back home to Brooklyn, the theater and friends, and then up to beautiful Spring Glen, then out to Maine and onto the boat seeing lighthouses and lobster boats in a world I'd never quite imagined before with fine old friends, you'd think we'd be all stretched out now, free and easy.

But it's September. Pennant races.

ASIDE: I hate baseball. I love baseball.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Where We Are

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cricket on Lily

Storm front finally rolled in this morning. After it passes we can get underway. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spring Glen to Deer Isle

In Brooklyn on Sunday it's 90 degrees and concrete. In Spring Glen it's 80 degrees, green, pool, trees. So go home early? What, you're ouddayamind?

You pay with traffic. The slowdown at Bear Mountain, and crossing the GWB and then the Triboro, and the accident on the BQE, and then you dodge the miles of zoned-out Hasids jaywalking while tripping on Holybook. 

And it's sad because you know you won't see D and S and I and D for another too-long while.

On the other hand, one twenty minute Arecibo Town Car to JFK, one one-hour Jet Blue Embraer to Portland, one two-hour Concord Coach lines Portland-to-Bangor, one car pick-up by Captain Crow and a one hour drive with a stop for a lobster roll - and here we are.

It's blueberry season and lobster season at the same time. Pickers with blue buckets in every field, hand-drawn roadside directions for Fresh Lobster followed by a wavy black arrow.

Ocean calm and glassy this morning. Looking for the bald eagle who flew over our wine glasses last night. He lives with his family in one of those pine trees around the corner and he came overhead at 6:30 last night so we'll hope to see him tonight too.

There aren't any other houses like this house. You stay here, on this island at Chez CrowFinch, or you take second best.

And another thing: it is not possible to make Old Friends. You can make New Friends, but as wonderful as they are, you and your New Friends are larvae. It takes years for you all to grow into Old Friends. So hang on tight.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Structuring of the Honey Nut Cheerios

Isabella isn't a Giants fan, but this thing got into the picture anyway.  Today's our last day here and then it's on to LA, Brooklyn and Deer Isle. What a memorable 10 days it has been. We've had Britt here since June and Bells since a week ago Friday, and now, when we get home … it's back to just us. Jeez.

But between now and then we get to see Grandma Rose tomorrow, and then the Brooklyn Ks and then the Cap'n and First Mate. So -- got to say things are looking up.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Staci Sends in Reinforcements

Staci's oldest friend Michaela came over for dinner last night. Isabella has known Michaela forever and the two of them have a lot of fun together. When you're eight and away from home it's nice to glom onto an old buddy. And Britt knows Michaela through work. And we've been trying to adopt her for years. Great night.