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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

I Voted for Hil

I voted for Hillary. I toyed with voting for Bernie now and then Hillary in the general election, but I think it's important to vote your conscience at all times. I hope she does well, but whether she does or not she is by far the better candidate for President.

Emails, oh please. Benghazi, oh please.

If Bernie wins in California, great. If he were the nominee, great. I think a non-potty-trained seal could beat Deranged Donald in November.

But as for running the country, and standing up to foreign leaders, and making policy, and let's not forget having an eight-year-president to bounce ideas off -- versus a Senator from a small state with no experience except to throw out impossible-to-achieve ideas? Again, can we really still be talking about this?

OK. Israel. Bernie is so right about that.

So go Hil. Go Bern. Trump, 2,000 miles of rice and beans for you.


At 8:57 PM, Blogger The Fevered Brain said...

Even though I've been reading ~ and thanks for regaining your equilibrium and coming back where non-Facebook folks can see you ~ I haven't been posting. But today I will. I am grateful The Hill has won for the very reasons you state; we need someone who has been there. Bern is another beautiful dreamer, and we've had eight years of one who has managed, I'm not quite sure how, to get some things done. Now we need a smart, hard-nosed leader who is not about isolationism, separatism, egotism, despotism, facism and all the other "isms" you can think of. Not really feminism; the best in the race just happens to be a women. Now it's on to the White House!


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