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Saturday, August 07, 2010


Plot and Duck finally saw "Crash" last night. WHAT a film, but how bleak a vision of Plottie's home town.

The scenes with the Persian shopkeeper and the gun and his attempt at revenge and then redemption -- this is movie making at its very best. People are probably already studying that arc, from buying the gun and the bullets to that astonishing and totally surprising sub-plot climax.

Plot will probably watch this one again, a rarity for him.

And it is true to the layered society of Stiletto City -- Persians in the west, Latinos in the east, blacks in the south, Asians here, whites there, wealthy politicos and movie producers up here and shopkeepers down there, with the LAPD attempting to keep everyone from murdering each other, when the cops are not battling with each other for power.

If you haven't rented this movie yet -- it won the Oscar as Best Picture of the Year in 2005 -- you should.


At 6:09 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Yes, this was a fabulous movie.


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