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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Stupor Bowl Sunday and The Choke to End All Chokes

Duck is making her stupendous nachos, Plottie made salsa to go with them and they both wish The Great BZWZ were here to make her guacamole.

Riding to the airport from Mummy P's house last night Plotnik took the funniest cab ride ever. All the cabbies at Shmurbank Airport are Armenians, from all over the Armenian diaspora and from every country in the world, and some of their accents are really difficult to decipher.

But last night's took the cake. The driver was late getting to the house, so to make things square for his customer, he offered to tell Plottie a joke. If Plotnik didn't laugh at the joke, his ride would be free.

"I am tellink yu choke yu laugheeng ha ha ha so hard ha ha ha you make happy but you don't laugh ha ha no no yu no paying me notheeng no red cent."

He started the joke out. But Plotnik could only understand every fourth word. "Dese two deelerz de dog bad men dey caught by pleez dey for dem lookeeng long long time five year ten year zzzamblitxx."

This means two drug dealers were caught by the police after looking for them five or ten years. The zzamblitxx stands for all the extra words Plotnik never did decipher.

"One name Yon one name Yoe dey before yudge dey standeeng yudge he lookeeng de bad bad look."

You can figure this out. Anyway, the choke ("joke") lasted all the way to the airport and by the end the driver had to slow down so he would be able to finish it and by the time the cab turned into the airport itself both the driver and Plotnik were laughing so hard they were both rolling around the cab. "I laugheeng so hard my noze she speet de seeds." He paid up and the guy got a nice tip.


At 1:49 PM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

Nice! But I think you misspelled "zzamblitxx" (I would bet there's only one "x" at the end).


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