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Monday, February 11, 2013

Street Corners

The problems are the corners. The snow has been plowed from the streets and piles up on the street corners. Someone has shoveled a pathway through it when it was below freezing, but now that it's warmer and the snow is melting, the cleared-away area is one giant puddle. If you have no waterproof snow boots, or you remembered to put lots of shoe polish on your Ecos but forgot to wear them and walked out of the house with your tennis shoes on, you end up with wet socks and cold feet. Or, you pick your way onto the sidewalks climbing over icy piles of snow, which can be problematic when you're holding a six-year-old's hand.

But we remember all this. It's so nice to walk Isabella to school in the morning that none of it matters. We have had a perfect time so far, filled with bedtime stories and great eats and afternoon wintery walks. Except for the issue of feeling bad about The Great BZWZ's four-day misadventure flying from Providence RI to Goa, India -- that's right, FOUR days, and she's only arriving just now -- there have been nothing but blue skies and green lights in Brooklyn NewYawk.

We Shmalifornians miss the little bit of winter that we miss. Another week will do just fine. 

AND, today Plot and Duck bit the serious bullet and bought two tickets to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway on Wednesday night. Admittedly, it's easy to get spoiled when you get to see so many shows for free, but doesn't it seem a little weird to have to go through the conversation about "what is money good for anyhow?" and "hey, you only live once, right?" just to go see a show and sit in the Mezzanine?


At 2:40 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

OK, how much per ticket?


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