The Great Plotnik

Sunday, July 07, 2013


When it's this hot you can't do anything. Sleep? You mean, that thing when you lie in bed and close your eyes and then it's morning? How about a constantly greasy upper lip? Remember hot sandal foot? 

The East is not the West, as someone once wrote. 

Rhode Island is unique though. People are just -- fun. Nobody's going anywhere, you couldn't drag 'em to Shmalifornia if you tried. They're lifers. They'll give you a seat at their table and share their oysters and within fifteen minutes you're exchanging emails and promising to stay in touch.

It won't happen. But at the time it seems possible.

Think that'll happen in Park Slope? or Noe Valley? Not likely.

The Great BZWZ has been working at her office all day today, and will be there until midnight most likely, working on tomorrow's presentation. But when it's done, she'll have put everything she can into it.

Her parents are, well, hot. But looking forward to not understanding one word tomorrow. It's supposed to cool down some.


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