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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On The Road Again

On the road again...why didn't I write that? Maybe because I can wait to get on the road again. I love where we live. When it's hot, like yesterday, and we can have our new Belgian neighbors and their kids over for tapas (including our padrons) and a rosé we found two weeks ago at Sorrelle in Lodi, it's hard to imagine an easier life.

Or maybe it's because I just didn't write that song.

The seats on Jet Blue are 'way roomier than on Southwest. Any Airbus is more comfortable than any 737. Except for Southwest's allowing you to change your flight at no charge, and the limited amount of cities served by Jet Blue and Virgin America, we would never fly any of the legacy airlines.

Lovely serendipity in this morning's NYT -- an article about the new excellence of Sicilian red and white wines, especially frappianos, in the southeast of the Island and around Mt. Etna. This should come in handy in October.  

But we are heading into the nest, not onto the Island. If all goes as hoped we will see our kids -- we have three now, you know -- plus one boyfriend, our grandkids, several old friends, and maybe even get in a museum or two. We'll spend time at the bakery in Ellenville, in the bungalow at Spring Glen, hiking in the mountains and swimming in lakes, and probably take a drive to Hillsdale to see Bob and Janet. We might even get to see Carey Mann, which is a completely different journey into an old story.

Carey is the younger son of my late friend Jonny. He turns out to be living in Red Hook and finishing up a degree at Bard. Carey sounds a little like the wild child his dad was, but that's always relative. We haven't seen him since he was a little boy. This is something I will try hard to make happen, knowing it may be awkward for him. This is for me. Something in me wants to know that Jon's kids know what a great guy their dad was. And that they're OK.  

Carey's brother Justin is in New Orleans. That's where we saw him last -- at Dan and Staci's wedding. He and Jon blew in and blew out --- if it weren't for that iconic Second Line photo we'd probably not even know they'd been there.

Jon was Dan's godfather, one of the grandest joke titles of all time. So I guess that makes Dan, Justin and Carey godbrothers?


We're here! 


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