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Saturday, May 17, 2014


For all the years that TGP has lived in S.P., he has tried to find a place for clivias.  Mummy P. has them growing all over the front of her house, but that's Stiletto City, where you plant a seed and anything can grow...unless a ranch house sprouts in the field.

Up here it's different. Clivias want shade, but not too much or they won't flower. They want light, or they won't set flower stalks, but not too much or the leaves will burn. They are beautiful house plants when they are in flower, but will develop a white mold if you leave them inside. And they usually will only flower if they are grown outside, and then brought inside while in flower, then taken back outside when they're done.

Clivias are native to Southern Africa. And, so they say, we all are too.

And they appear to grow best on the shady side of the rear stairs, in individual pots, under the datura and shaded by the apple, but receiving filtered morning sun. 

And occasionally, after they bloom, they will produce a seed pod. You let that seed pot dry on the plant for at least a year, then you split it open, take out the four seeds inside, wash them off and plant them in perlite. If you're lucky, that little sucker in the front left will sprout. And maybe the others too. And then the whole process might start again. And this time you know where to put them.


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