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Monday, July 28, 2014

This Could Be the Beginning

OK, Dan got up the tree and brought down that 12 0z. jewel on the left. Some might say waiting twenty years for one large and one small avocado is a lot of wait for not much guacamole. But the weather is warming up. Could this not mean larger crops season after season, as our planet prepares to burn itself up and raise sea levels past a point of no return for humans?

While we wait for that day, wouldn't it be great to have unlimited guacamole and fresh salsa from peppers and tomatoes already thriving on the back deck?

Plus, there are more avocados on the tree, they're just in places where we can't get them. Pruning the tree will help, as will repeated use of the Guacamolotor.  Who can say this tree hasn't been saving all its energy for a few seasons of unfathomably large avocado production?

Can you say that? I didn't think so. #guacforall.



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