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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Giants 1 or 2, I Don't Know, Doesn't Matter, Dodgers 0

Steve and Anne came in on the ferry from Vallejo and we took the J-Church to Embarcadero. Had a very tasty dinner at Mijita and then Anne and Barb went off to Sutter St. to see a reading of a Lauren Gunderson play in development while Steve and I walked down to the ballpark. The game didn't turn out so good but they've shared these season seats ever since the park opened and they're a delight for a baseball fan. You can't tell high or low, but you sure can see inside and outside. It was a display of overconfidence, however, to bring my mitt.

The game didn't turn out so good. The Giants scored their usual ways, with dinks and dunks and Dodger errors, while the Dodgers wasted opportunity after opportunity. We weren't paying that much attention though, because the Warriors were playing Houston just across the water. They were behind before the first pitch, still behind in the third inning, went ahead in the fourth and stayed ahead the rest of the way. After the Warrior game was over (checking NBA.COM constantly) we could concentrate on the silly baseball game in front of us, dink, dunk, squat, game over.

They guy sitting behind us had had quadruple bypass surgery just two weeks ago. By the ninth inning he had worked himself into a lather, not about the game, but about Floyd Mayweather. If the Dodgers had pulled it out in the Ninth, the poor guy may have needed a quintuple and a sextuple.

On the way down the ramp afterwards, two kids were walking behind us, talking about Bernie Sanders. I turned and said "Yeah, you can't help agreeing with him on practically everything, can you?" The one kid looked at me like I was insane. "Duh, I'll like agree with anybody who's against authority," he said, in a voice that said Third Grade, maybe Fourth Grade, tops.

I had the urge to ask him to turn around and walk back up the ramp, against the grain, forcing his way up past thousands of other people coming down, to prove how antiauthoritarian he was, and then I'd tell him how Bernie Sanders was just like him, going against the grain, but then I'd just be an old dumbshit, wouldn't I? Instead of a young dumbshit? There's a difference, isn't there?


At 1:25 PM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

Was the guy behind you a Dodgers fan? How did a Giants pitcher that's pushing AARP status shut out the powerful Dodgers?

Dink, dunk, squat has a way of getting rings.


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