The Great Plotnik

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Day Summer

Summer's here at last. Shrimp on the barbie and then the moon and Jupiter hanging large next to each other.

They said if you put the binoculars on Jupiter you could see her moon too, but Plotnik could not. Still, it was a huge headlight, even next to that Mama Luna.

Mama Koo and her two young children think it's all pretty cool.

Everything changes when it's hot here. Neighbors hang out on their stoops talking to each other. Usually we're inside wearing sweat shirts. Plot finally met David, who now lives in John the King's house across the street, and David's dog Huxley, a big, beautiful golden something or other. David and his wife are both veterinarians and were happy to hear that their house used to be the cover home for Disabled and Disoriented Pets Inc. There was no three legged cat nor distressed dog that John and Margo would not adopt and give a good home. You walked in their door and a cat usually fell down the stairs.

Hey, John are you reading this? Halloween is soon, bucko. Who's supposed to be Elvis this year?


At 7:48 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Fog rolled back in as predicted and it felt pretty good ~ I didn't think I would say that this summer.


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