The Great Plotnik

Monday, September 06, 2010

Be Bop

It was a blast to see old friend and collaborator MWink yesterday. He has become something of a figure in the cabaret jazz scene and is in town to do two nights at the Razz Room with Manhattan Transferite Cheryl Bentyne.

He and Rich are celebrating 30 years together next year, so Plot and Duck have known them for all of those. Mark co-wrote a few of Plot's favorite Plotnik songs -- "Be-Bop," "Everybody Loves Rock N Roll" and "Studebaker" being only a few. Or maybe the only ones Plot can remember right now.

Mark also brought great gossip about the folks who were part of that great songwriter's workshop of which Plot was the last member. It met weekly for many years in the home of J.A., who was a great songwriter himself, and whose dad bought McDonald's when its sign out front said "50 burgers sold!" So Jim just happened to have a recording studio in his basement.

All good friends, nice to hear most of them are still alive. Michael Cruz, probably the best of us all, died many years ago, but Marie and Candy and Mish and Andy are still around and that still rhymes. Jim and Mark and Doug too.


At 8:19 PM, Anonymous jj-aka-pp said...

As in Mark Winkler? I still have my album and play it! (yes the ALBUM!):-)


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