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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Lot of Fun in Stiletto

It was like old times in Stiletto Monday and Tuesday as Brother Virgil came to town from Nashville for two days of recording on The Perfect Pitch.

As you can see, Plottie had some very high parts to sing.

Virgil is one of these people you run into in cities like Nashville and Stiletto -- people who are so gifted at their craft -- in this case, singing -- that you can't figure out why they are not household words. It's not even the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time, because Virg and the rest of us were often in the right place at at the right time. But spit happens. It's usually a fatefully bad decision - Virg would have been the new bass player for Poco which led directly to the Eagles, but...turned 'em down. Same with Davy Blue -- should he take that job with the Paul Williams band and end up writing with a guy who made jillions of writer bucks? ---nahh. He had another gig.)

It reminds Plottie of his old buddy Jon who was asked to produce this young bimbo with no talent, or so he thought. Jon turned down Madonna.

As far as The Great Plotnik is concerned, this is part of the job description. When you decide to be an artist of any kind, you know that the 99.999% most likely outcome is great pleasure but monetary insecurity. The music business is like that SUBWAY Super-Hero we ate yesterday -- a bit of meat to sink your teeth into, but it's surrounded by chemical-tasting lettuce and black olives from a can. A few great moments plus several almosts, a couple almost-almosts and one or two ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HE JUST WHAT? DROPPED DEAD? TODAY? HE CAN"T DO THAT! WHAT ABOUT MY RECORD?

But it does lead to a lot of great stories and, in Virg's case, one cherry '57 Chevvy truck. And let me tell ya, Brother Virgil can still sing. He hasn't lost a note.


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