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Monday, February 07, 2011

Three Nice Days

On Thursday Silent Bill and Mz Mush enjoyed SB's belated birthday lunch at the Buckeye Roadhouse, while Plot and the Duck were busy eating. On Saturday it was a day before Schmeckl Plotnik's birthday at Mummy P.'s house.

And on Sunday Plot ran into an old friend of his from Japanese class. Mike works weekends at the Farmer's Market now -- Saturdays in San Mateo and Sundays in SF City Hall Plaza. Plottie hung out with him for awhile, seeing the huge amount of produce (at fairly high prices) they move in and out of those stalls. Mike's not smiling here but he should be. Plot is thinking he'll bring his Flip Cam next week and see what pops up in front of the lens.


At 10:22 AM, Blogger The Fevered Brain said...

Don't they look great, that MAS and Bill? Thanks for putting that up. It's always good to see them!


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