The Great Plotnik

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Yesterday, The Great Plotnik and The Great Ducknik got on the 280, switched to the 17, and then onto the 1 heading South. They ended up in Aptos, just south of Santa Cruz. They had driven this route many times when The Great PD was in college and were pleasantly surprised to see nobody has repaired the 17 and that it is still just as beat up as it used to be, and would still be dangerous and difficult to drive in foggy, rainy weather. Tradition!

But yesterday the sun shone bright. The Village Fair, which Plot noted with delight is not spelled 'Faire,' is a pleasant barn-like building that specializes in traditional furniture. Duck had found a vintage coffee table on line and she and Plottie were now driving down to make sure it was what they said it was.

It was indeed, and it was waiting for them, not twenty feet from that fine hat rack, which didn't have moose antlers but might have. Plotnik probably would have impulse-purchased the hat rack, but fortunately Ducknik was there. The hat rack stayed behind but the coffee table went into the Fritzmobile.

Plot and Duck probably passed close to Lamar Odom, the pool table, who now lives somewhere down on the peninsula. His old spot has now been superseded by a rug and a Mid-Century Modern walnut coffee table, which matches the Victorian Empire Style walnut red velvet bench/sofa. Ducknik thinks about these things.

Plotnik loves sitting in the Lamaratorium now. Maybe a vintage Pac Man machine?

Do not fear for Plottie's safety, dear Plotnikkies. Just kidding.


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