The Great Plotnik

Sunday, October 07, 2012

MHS at 70.

Since everyone in The Manhasset High School Class of 1960 is just about the same age, they decided to have a 70th Birthday Party across the country from where they all used to live (and many still do). The Great Ducknik made the castle cake and festooned it wtih Manhasset Indian colors.

Yes, they're still the Indians. P.C. has not made it to Long Island.

It was good to attend and good to leave. Monterey was probably beautiful once.

The coast along Highway One near Pigeon Point still is.

The old mission is very beautiful. Mission Carmel was built in 1771 and rebuilt many times. It's in its third or fourth restoration now. At least it's not a Walmart.

Plotnik gased up in Half Moon Bay for $4.95 a gallon. That's the most he's ever paid in this country. 


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