The Great Plotnik

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Grand Old Thanksgiving Game

Four sets of brothers and one cousin.

Turkey counts but basketball rules.

The two tall men on the right were little guys only a Thanksgiving or two ago.

And so it goes.

Add to this picture perfect weather, green grass, little kids and frisbees, sun going down and a bunch of Pakistanis playing cricket on a basketball court.

What a great family we've got.

L-R: Luis, Emilio, NF, Dominant Force, Schmeckl, Plottie, Cousin Brother Two Names, Alex, David.

P.S. Emilio married Cousin Brother Two Names's sister Sister Two Names. Luis is Emilio's brother. Alex and David are Schmeckl and Plotnik's just-about nephews. More importantly, everyone who ever plays in the Thanksgiving basketball game is On The Team.


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