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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Plottie Can Hear Again!

The Great Plotnik had the bandage taken off his ear this morning, to discover that the little skin graft covering the tiny hole on the inside of his earlobe, once occupied by an almost-invisible basal cell sarcoma, is now doing fine and healing well. He has to wear a bandaid over his ear for another few weeks when outside, to protect against the sun.

(Seems a bit overprotective, but hey. You listen to the doctors or you don't. Plotnik does.)

(Up to a point.)

(For example, his regular m.d., Dr. I Dunno-Wadda You Think? has told him NEVER use a q-tip in his ear to remove earwax. Today, after the ear had been covered for a week, substantial wax had developed. The nurse removed it with a q-tip.)

(His dentist, Dr. U-Flossem, wants him to use that useless little rubber-tipped dingus on his gums. Each time Plotnik goes in, he is asked: "Have you continued using the rubber-tipped dingus with the same frequency as always?" "Why, yes, Doctor. No change.")

(His dermatologist, Dr. Whoever Is In That Day, once told him to wear a hat and ALWAYS wear sun-screen when leaving the house. That day's dermatologist was bald. Plotnik asked him if HE wore sunscreen, and the man said "Well...just wear a hat.")

(The obvious question is why would The Great Plotnik, strapping young physical specimen that he is, have this many doctors. F-ing Kaiser. It's insidious. You don't pay extra for extra doctors, so the next thing you know you're in somebody's office reading pamphlets in Tagalog about high blood pressure.)


At 9:10 PM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

Up to a point indeed. Nice post. And yes, that's a lot of doctors. But you are still up and moving around, so it must be working.

At 10:55 PM, Blogger Linda Davick said...


And so glad to hear that you continue using the rubber-tipped dingus with the same frequency as always.


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