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Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Basket of Love

The Basket of Love is $39.99, the Mother's Embrace is $44.99, the Mother's Devotion (with charm) is $49.99, the Home is Where the Heart Is is $59.99 and they go up from there. Plotnik is always complaining that email has become a giant advertising opportunity, but he will admit he likes to be reminded by Conroy's Flowers to remember Mummy P.'s bouquet.

When Ducknik spoke with her last night, she said "I hope you have a fun Mother's Day and I hope I have one too."

Plot and Duck will be down there the following weekend to see Mummy P., but also to see Bluto and Dipfart. Plotnik is dreading his High School Reunion with the 0 on the end. He doesn't know why he's going, except he figures he will be one of the few with hair and without a transplant.

He has been trying to remember his classmates' names. The problem is he didn't even know them then. Plot was one of those people who would have done double shifts to get high school over with faster. Having been to Ducknik's 50th, he knows how these things work -- the kids who were in charge then are the geezers who are in charge now. The party is for them and about them.

Except for Bill, our Valedictorian, who just died from pancreatic cancer. That's the other part.

Mummy P. has got to be one of the last members of her 1932 high school graduating class. It's a victory, of sorts.


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