The Great Plotnik

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One or Two a Year

That's all we get, but you can't beat a Floral Gem for color and fragrance. The bush is stunted, and always gets some kind of rose shmutz that comes with trying to survive without that blistering morning heat that roses love, but early in the warm spring we always get a few red beauties to cut and bring in the house for a week of aroma.

Who knows? Global warming might mean more heat for the Bay Area, but for us that will bring even higher winds as the interior alleys heat up. We've seen it already this year -- gorgeous mornings followed by winds so strong in the afternoon that you can't really go for a bike ride or even walk comfortably. And it's only April.

Would Plotnik prefer muggy heat or wind? He'll take wind, thanks. Not complainin' just sayin.'

And Madame Coo Bird has taken her two babies and flown the coop. This morning the nest is empty. Congratulations to parents and children.


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