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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fruitful Day

It was a long but fruitful Wednesday. Plot was down at the studio by 8:45am helping JimZim drag in his vibes. By 10am we were recording drum tracks. At noon Stu arrived (his real name is Seward but people screw it up and always call him Stuart) with his upright bass and went into the booth to set up. The Kindly Duck brought up sandwiches so we were able to keep going. We recorded bass and drums in the afternoon and then added vibes on "La Culebrita" at the end. Seward has played in Latino bands for years and he heard a "tumbao" bass line on the song, so we added that too, for a coda.

How can you beat digital recording? You don't have to erase anything. Every performance is always archived. True, it takes up digital space, but if you have enough memory (and studios do), you can always take a little riff from this performance and another riff from a different performance without destroying them both, like you used to have to do when we used tape.

Now, Plotnik has all yesterday's work on his computer at home and he has some clean-up work to do before he'll even be able to listen to the tracks. They sure sounded great yesterday.

Yesterday's tunes:

Culiacan (drums)
So Long, Foghead (drums)
Old Mr. Stein (bass and drums)
Big Sister (bass and drums)
La Culebrita (bass and vibes)


UPDATE: Finally freed up enough disc space to import yesterday's tracks and listen to them. But they are all in an updated format that my computer cannot read. So: nuthin.' Later this afternoon the studio will make me compatible copies grrrrrrrrr.


At 12:42 PM, Blogger Linda Davick said...

When they say "later this afternoon" they mean tomorrow. So come tonight.

What kind of sandwiches?

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Souunds great. Can't wait to listen! Maybe the next version of The Old In and Out needs a rendition of Foghead. I sure wish you could see the play. It's magical,


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