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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Send the Bill to Medi-Geezer

Plotnik sees how some people get feisty, as they get older, particularly if they were feisty to begin with. Take the problem faced by religious leaders of small flocks who ride bicycles. The children who work in bicycle shops, once they see gray hair under the helmet, believe the bicycle must belong to someone else. They think you rose from your hospital bed, ran over an old lady with your wheel chair, hit her across the face with your crutch, injected her little grandson with your meds and then stole his bicycle. You have only come into the bike shop because you were drooling on the street and thought this was a pharmacy.

Everyone else gets smiles and "Yo, dude! Cool bike! LOL!"

You get "Yes sir? Can we be of assistance, once we bite our derisive lower lips?"

You say "Will you do this repair?"

They say "Of course, sir."

They mean "After we sit around, smoke some more dope, play a few video games and fix everybody's bike who is under 25, whether or not they have come in yet."

Plot is going to ask for his Senior Discount.
Just to see them miscount.

He may feign a stroke.
Just to watch them choke.

"My good fellows. Please be so kind to send the bill to Medi-Geezer."


At 7:22 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Tee heee


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