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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Jock-Cheerleader-Brain Trust Ruling Axis: Part Three

The Jock-Cheerleader-Brain Trust Ruling Axis

Part 3: Prom Picture

Luci H. married Mel K. and became a multi-billionaire. Fred Z. became an organic farmer. Mike Y. moved to a kibbutz in Israel. Jack S. became a high school counselor and Marty W. an overseas high school principal. Mike B. went to Vietnam and served 13 months in the Mekong Delta. He hated it so much he reenlisted for four more months of combat just to get out of the army faster. Bob N. sells real estate. Joyce Q. is a photographer. She married Aaron D., a director we've all heard of, and lives in Portland.  Marsha W. kept her posture and Joan H. still couldn't remember my name and Addie never lost her soft lips.

Richard S. was Class President. He died a year after graduation. Casey C., the Head Cheerleader, was killed in a head-on-collision on the 101 even before and unidentified internal rot killed Richard. Casey and Richard were Prom Queen and Prom King and neither made it to twenty-one. Their prom picture still breaks my heart. 

And Bill P., our valedictorian, died last week from pancreatic cancer. The Delirian Jock-Cheerleader-Brain Trust Ruling Axis is not wearing well.

Tomorrow: Speedy


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