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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Yellow Rose of Lexus

OK, it's a bad pun, but these yellow roses are huge, and they're fragrant too. The problem is the rose bush itself is also huge, too huge for the garden. But it's doing well, and roses almost never do well in the summer fog, so it stays. And you can't beat the bouquets.

The Padron peppers are doing well too, in their tubs down in the garden and up on the top deck.  In Spain they say you get upwards of 100 peppers per plant. Here we'll be lucky to get one meal, but it'll be a great meal. Plot and Duck ate Padron peppers almost every day in Spain, sauteed in olive oil and dusted with sea salt, and still never got enough. 

It's an alstroemeria year.  White, pink, red, yellow, short and tall, the garden is filled. If we deadhead them, they'll keep producing until the heat of summer. What heat of summer? I mean, until August.

This picture has alstros plus baby's breath and lobelia (white) and columbine (purple) in the foreground, plus some reddish fuscia in the back. The Monster Yellow Rose is towering in the center background.

As always, Crystal Kitten keeps watch on the bumblebees and hummers, pollinating busily at this time of year.


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Glorious garden!


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