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Monday, May 20, 2013

Reunion Story - Almost

The Great Plotnik received a posting this morning from  Dak Dumbbutton, his High School Reunion Correspondent (seen above in lower left). This story cannot be posted yet, out of respect to Dumbbutton's entire family, to say nothing of all those mentioned, with photos. These reactions are possible:

1) "Dadddd!"

2) "Dude!"

3) "Papa? Did you really kiss that girl?"

4) "I will murder you."

5) "I just love your new story!"

One of these reactions is less probable than the others. Some proofing will be done first and perhaps a run past TIAPOS. So you'll all just have to wait and see.


Suffice it to say that The Great Plotnik enjoyed his 50th High School reunion 27% more than he expected to. A few moments were more enjoyable than others, a few others less so. Nobody recognized anyone. It made Plotnik wonder what happens at High School reunions in Afghanistan? For all the recognizing of old faces going on the other night, we could all have been wearing burkhas.

"Is that you in there Ed?"

A few classmates were even nicer than Plotnik remembered. He and Duck enjoyed them and will hopefully spend time with them in the future.

The rest still deserve to be institutionalized and their brains cloned for the "Earth, San Fernando Valley 1963" exhibit at the Martian Museum of Art.

Not many came. Two categories conspicuously missing were Overweight Women and Bankrupt Men. No cheerleaders. No varsity football players. Few gentiles, but since there were no cheerleaders or varsity football players, this should not be surprising.

No teachers. Nobody asked them.

No speeches. Nobody said a word about anything. It could have been a cocktail party to celebrate the birth of a hamster.

But it was great to see Marty, and Mike, and Joyce, and Andi.

Maybe you'll read the story soon.


At 6:38 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Have you been following Doonesbury? Maybe Gary Trudeau was in your class?

At 9:14 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

I read the whole story and it is exceptional...


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