The Great Plotnik

Monday, July 15, 2013

Good Grub

Plot and Duck have their house to themselves again.  Plottie worked all day today repairing "Foghead," "La Culebrita" and "Old Mr. Stein," which meant recreating instrumental lines and fixing timing issues that he had already done once, plus re-recording vocal and guitar Parts. It can be painstaking. The Great Hard Drive Fiasco was eleven days ago, and he still doesn't have a replacement solid state drive. 

But World HQ feels empty. The cupboard is bare. So the morning was devoted to making a new batch of granola and then a sausage-marinara with chipotle for the freezer. The extra sauce went into a fabulous dish with chopped up fennel, herbs and shrimp, covered with feta and baked for tonight's dinner.

Spoke to The Great PD: they're home, and it's a hot July in the Shmapple.  But once they left here the wind and fog came back. 


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