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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Aloha, Enchiladas and Sarah Palin...Sarah Palin?

Aloha to the Beez. Sand. Drinks with umbrellas. Surf. Orchids. Enjoy.


This morning in The Great Plotnik World Headquarters Kitchen we have just finished making guajillo red sauce for enchiladas, the traditional New Year feast...somewhere.  The red chiles are smoking up the whole house, both inhabitants are coughing and wheezing. Duck is hiding in the parlor. I am down in my studio with the door closed. It'll be worth it.


Cousin Michael said it right -- and if he is really quoting Sarah Palin it pains me to agree with her: let the Muslims fight it out among themselves and let Allah sort it all out in the end. We have absolutely no business making things worse in that part of the world.


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