The Great Plotnik

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

If You're Going to Play Bass, Size Matters

He's got a bit of growing to do before he can reach those lower frets. But the desire is there. 

Little Isaiah and his sister Stella are the children of Sarah and Jonathan. Plot and Duck can never forget how old Sarah is because on the day they were married Sarah was minus-4 days old. Somewhere in some archive there must be a photo of Sarah's mom Susan, married then to Captain Crow, with a belly out to here and Sarah T. pounding to get out, as Plot and Duck stood in the Long Island backyard and said "We Do." 

Isaiah glommed onto Plottie's travel guitar last night. It's closer to his size. We can see the future family dynamic already. Isaiah will be the musician and Stella will be the defense attorney who keeps her brother out of jail. They are great kids, with great parents, and they all live in Saint Plotniko now.

You DON'T want to know their rent. Trust me. You don't.


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