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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Strawberries with Candied Citrus and Almonds

It feels like Spring sprung and then summer began. It feels so good to sweat on the Plotkicycle. Really, sweating is 'way better than shivering, unless we are talking about the humid sweat thing. But that's why we live here.

Made more candied lime and lemon peels today because of last night's discovery (forgot to take pictures) of this dessert:

Strawberries with Candied Citrus and Almonds

Strawberries, cut in half
Splash of half and half
Chopped almonds
A few candied citrus peels

That's all there is to it -- cut the berries into a cereal bowl, splash in some half and half, then chop up almonds and throw them on top, finishing with a few fingerfuls of candied citrus peel. It helps if you made the candied citrus peels the week before and put 'em in a box, wondering what you'd ever do with them.

What happens is the strawberries are a little tart this time of year. The half and half mellows them, the citrus peel is sweet and chewy and the almonds are crunchy. It's perfect.

So, TGP grabbed five more sweet limes from out back today, plus five lemons, and he added half the peel from an oro blanco grapefruit from the farmer's market. The peels are drying right now -- bring on more strawberries!


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