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Friday, May 23, 2014


Just found out last night about Khabir. He's gone, died in 2012 in Cleveland, where he was from, apparently while waiting for a kidney transplant. Khabir recorded many songs for us back in the day (those of you who know past projects will remember K as the lead singer on "Jerusalem" and "Tryin' to Survive" and others. We'd been searching for him for years, but only last night Dave tried searching for Khabir Ghani Ron Baker again and this time his obit came up from a Cleveland newspaper.

What a nice guy. For awhile he was the lead singer for one of the many latter-day Platters groups, who toured the country doing Platters revival concerts. I believe K took the lead on "My Prayer." He was the guy who told me about the black swans in Perth, Australia, and I have never been able to think about either one without thinking about Khabir.

We've been able to get hold of everyone who worked with us on the Perfect Pitch, everyone but Khabir. Now, I know why. I hope someday we can dedicate something nice to him, one of those thousands of really beautifully-voiced singers who for whatever multitude of reasons never quite break through to where their dreams are trying to take them. 

A softer, prettier voice you never heard. You couldn't ever make him sing loud enough, so our recordings always have his lead vocals set down too far under the track. There wasn't anything you could do about it.

Ah, gee.


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