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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cease Fire

So the Gazans and Israelis agreed to stop for a few weeks. The Gazans are hooting and shooting guns up into the air because they are idiots, their homes were destroyed and they received nothing in return except for that one ship that had to leave for two hours before it could turn around and unload in Oakland. There's a good reason to shoot straight up and have the bullets come down and put more of your people in the hospital. No, wait. You don't have a hospital any more.

The Israelis are furious because they didn't kill every Gazan and destroy every house. They still have work to do.

These little fun-bombs end up the same way every time. It turns out that the Palestinians had to reject the same cease-fire offered last week because Qatar, who hates Egypt, told Hamas if they accepted the cease fire, brokered by Egypt,  the Qatarians would boot out the Hamas leader-in-exile who happens to live in Qatar.  Poor baby would have to go live in, oh, Paris.

You can't make this shit up.

Meanwhile, the Israelis are furious at Netenyahu because he wasn't aggressive enough. He only killed 2,100 people. There are so many more left! And what exactly did they want him to do? There aren't enough bulldozers in the world to do what the Israeli right wing wants to do to Gaza.

What, me worry? About this colossal waste of time and juicy celebration of death? You children who can't play in the same sandbox need to have your pants pulled down and your butts paddled. But only we can do it. And we won't.


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