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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Avocado Maintenance

Huge pruning going on over here. The avocado tree has been reduced by at least a third. Next year we can take a little more off until it is down to manageable levels and more sun can get into the lower acreage. The last time we did this we got three or four years of better sun so we could grow more things, which then died as soon as the tree leafed out again over the top of them.

Frank's pruning team found three small avocados already, the two in the picture and one still up on the tree. Which is to say this tree is ready to exploit global warming to its maximum effect -- I fully expect a bushel or two of avocados over the next few years. They might even turn out to have smaller pits, which would make guacamole possible instead of guacapitty. But regardless, for you serious investors out there, the market for organic avocado pits can only expand.


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