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Monday, April 06, 2015


Everything is early this year, which has made for late Winter glory, and Spring beauty, but then summer is going to arrive, and with it water restrictions. So once these beautiful alstroalmerias are all done, I'm afraid their green-ness will be taken over by brown.

It's not like we are living in the Sahara, but it's certain that we will feel a 25% decrease over 2013
levels, if that is indeed what is required of us when the water districts finally agree. Still, we are talking about inconvenience more than dire restrictions, and if everyone shares in the discomfort we'll get used to it.

It's easier for us in a cooler, fogbound city than in So Cal or the central valley. Farmers are screwed without water, and the rest of us will be too when we try to buy lettuce or strawberries or almonds. No one will like to see their lawn go dry or their car not get washed, but all that can still happen with a little planning. This year shouldn't be so bad. The question, which no one can answer, is: Are we in the new normal? Is this what we and our kids are going to deal with into the foreseeable future?

Barb and I are already warming up shower water into a basin and carrying it outside to water our container plants. All the fixtures have been changed and the toilets are low-flow. The garden has drip irrigation. Most of the time our car looks like a target for crow low-level dive-bombing practice but we only wash it when we have to pick somebody up at the airport. Pasta gets cooked without salt now so we can re-use it too. So we're talking about 25% off of that.

Maybe you haven't done a thing? Maybe you're smarter than we are? Maybe all you have to do is not water your lawn as often? Who knows what's coming? 


At 12:35 PM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

Not looking good - seeing all the almond trees uprooted while driving through the Central Valley is disturbing. But I really got stuck on you warming up shower water so you can use it on your container plants. (I suspect a word is missing, but I love the idea that you treat your plants to warm water - none of this straight from the tap stuff!)

At 6:45 AM, Blogger danielkonecky said...

Point of clarification: From the B-210 to the Citation, Isuzu, Taurus and now the VW, you have always hidden your cars under a dry cake of asphalt street dust, dirt dust and bird-shit green dust. The only difference is that now you can say, "this is for my grandchildren." You're OG dawg. I like it!


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