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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Great Meal, Even Better Show

Driving down to Mountain View is such a treat. The Performing Arts Center is beautiful, parking is a snap and the town is chock full of fantastic restaurants, mostly Asian. Last night before the show we ate at one of our favorites, Ginseng, an inexpensive and delicious Korean place a few doors down from the Center. 

You're staring at short ribs on top of grilled onions, rice with tiny preserved plums, dumplings on top and the usual assortment of Korean appetizers. I get all the kim chee and trade some of my sweet potatoes for it.

The bonus was the play -- Noel Coward's "Fallen Angels," a show I'd never heard of which was superbly acted and very funny. I'm pretty ho-hum about most English aristocratic buffoonery, but this was exceptionally good. Several intermissions, though, so it was good to have plenty of ballast in the tummy to see us through.


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