The Great Plotnik

Monday, July 20, 2015

Ocean Beach

It was too hot to stay in the house yesterday, yes, you heard me right, here in Saint Plotniko it was too hot to stay in the house in Summertime. So I got on my bike and pedaled down to the ocean, hung around, took pictures, then rode up the bike path along the Great Highway for awhile, turned down Ulloa and rode through St. Francis Woods back home. Two hours in total, but what a delightful break.

It's a huff, but really not a huff and a puff. Mildly downhill going, mildly uphill coming home, with a bit of a pull going up Monterey in both directions. 

The surprising thing for me to see was so many people lying on the sand looking at their phones. Using phones wasn't the surprise, it was that they were using them on the sand. Sand can be really destructive to electronics.

If you look very closely, you still can't see the shark that attacked that surfer outside of Capetown. 


At 8:22 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Oh beach weather! Here? Wow


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