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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nice Day With Friends

Lunch at Presidio Social Club with Mush and Bill, preceded by a drive with PJ out to the Avenues, followed by a view of Liz's new apartment on Franklin Street. Very nice to see so many friends in one day.

Lunch was fun and tasty. I've been afraid the Presidio would become another Pier 39 but it hasn't come close yet. The building the restaurant is in has been there for close to 150 years. The Steins were very generous, as always.

Got the latest from PJ whose computer threatened to die but it apparently has been brought back from the dead. We'll pick it up today and find out.

And our friend Liz, who has lived in the same house near City College for 35 years and who raised her kids there, has become the recipient of a glorious old-style apartment as the result of the generosity of a cousin who died recently. So she's moving into the apartment and selling the house, and you know what packing up 35 years worth means, as well as moving someone else's stuff out of a packed apartment. But in the end it's a great move for Liz, though her service dog, the dear Federicka, will probably need to be retired and go to live with Liz's daughter, and a new dog brought in who can get more quickly used to the new apartment.

Fighting off the SF Allergy Curse that hits me every year. It's not the most comfortable thing in the world, but you know, perspective.


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