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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

SBC Park

SBC Park
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The 'SBC' in SBC Park stands for 'Silly Braindead Caribbeans.' The Braindead Caribbeans are Saint Plotniko's favorite sports team that doesn't play football. As readers of The Great Plotnik already know, Plotnik does not care for the Braindead Caribbeans, but is a life long fan of their ancient enemy The Stiletto City Plotzers.

It is with some difficulty, therefore, that Plotnik finds himself in the unaccustomed and slightly nauseating position of being forced to root FOR the Braindead Caribbeans in their crucial series with the current league leaders, the Saint Patooty Piffles.

Last night's game, played at SBC Stadium (seen in above photo), featured the return of Carib star slugger Booty Benz. In the photo, we can see Benz rounding third (wearing black shirt and blue pants) while his mother (wearing orange blouse) waits in back of home plate to give him a hug.

For The Great Plotnik, rooting for the Braindead Caribbeans is like praying for gum surgery. Still, he will root the Caribs on, while also rooting for his Plotzers, again tonight, and tomorrow afternoon, and the following week as well.

This does NOT apply to Thursday through Sunday this week, however, no absolutely shmooty booty way, uh uh, no siree. The Fat lady may have already begun to sing (see Sept. 6 entry), but she may pause for a Plotzer Dog with sauerkraut.


At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is not Booty Benz rounding
third - I know this because he
is not telling everyone how tired
and old he is...

keep cheering on the Gigantes and
the karma-stiletto-chicago hot dog
connection will take hold.


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