The Great Plotnik

Friday, October 19, 2007

Large Pants is Back

His pants are probably still as large, but The Great Large Pants himself doesn't seem to be taking up as much room in them as he used to. Spending the summer in Provincetown rooting for the Red Sox has caused him to slim down gracefully. Last night at his return to TIAPOS, Large Pants read from the beginning of his Return to Saint Plotniko journal, including a pretty fabulous description of a woman staring at a church and painting a pear.

Bombshell read about being done with her Can Everybody Get Along? Yes We Can new-age church and discovering a latent attraction to Buddhism. Miss Domin-Nik showed a marvellous and inspiring Marta Beckett video and The Great Plotnik read two chapters of 'Rabbi Karpas Hates Me,' about being cabnapped in Bangkok on the way to a gig.

It's great to have Large Pants back, but the question is What Happened to Chef Pickle? She never showed up. Time to find out why.


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