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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Disable the Password

The U.S. has lost in soccer and hallelujah. No more watching well-conditioned babies run up and down a field falling over and pretending they are injured for life.

The Plotzers beat the Imperialists last night. Does anyone care? Plottie does, a little, but only a little.

Yesterday, Plot and Duck took Mummy P. to see an exhibit on self-indulgence at the LA County Museum. This new sculpture of light poles outside was far more interesting than anything inside the galleries. But Mummy P. got to leave the house and have lunch out, and that was worth plenty.

Plot spent this morning with Verizon on the help line, trying to work out a security problem with Mummy P.'s cell phone. She thinks no one ever calls her cell. The reason she thinks that is she can't hear the phone ring, and there was no alarm bell to alert her that there were messages waiting for her. Now there is. But she has to enter a five digit password to access the messages. Entering that password is difficult.

So Plot tried to have the access password eliminated. The first guy told him how to do it. It didn't work. The second guy said sorry, due to security considerations one can no longer disable the password. But you can change the password to something simpler.

The third guy apologized that you can't really change the password to something simpler on her phone because they have disabled that feature. But if they would like to come into the office they could buy a new phone.

Would the new phone allow her to bypass the password?

No, but she could access the internet.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

And now Mexico is also out. Canada had the good sense to not get in in the first place.

Phone companies are just pure evil.


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