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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Theater-Goer's Day

Today is Father's Day but yesterday was Theater-Goer's Day. Not only did Plot and Duck get to see the premier of a fine revival of one of Plotnik's favorite musicals "The Fantasticks," but yesterday was also the Twentieth Anniversary Marathon at the Marsh. Some of the Bay Area's best performers lined up to do fifteen or twenty minutes, one after the other, as a means of thanking Stephanie Weisman for the venue so many of these performers used to hone their craft.

Plot and Duck saw Dan Hoyle and Josh Kornbluth and Jeff Greenwald and Wayne Harris and Mark McGoldrick and many others. They missed Charlie Varon and Ann Randolph and Marga Gomez and so many more. It was a happy day. It makes Plottie feel good when nice people who do nice things are rewarded.

It's kind of like dads, right? In truth, Father's Day always makes Plotnik a little uneasy, because he feels like he's putting his kids on the spot. He always wants to call them first thing in the morning to give them a heads-up and tell them "don't forget to call your father," but he already is their father so he can't do it.

So he called his Mom and wished her Happy Grandmother's Day because without grandmas there aren't any fathers.


At his yearly physical the other day, Plotnik asked Doctor I Dunno Wadda YOU Think? about the shingles vaccine.

(Everyone repeat here what Dr. I Dunno Wadda YOU Think? said. It is exactly what you expect.)

Plotnik said "My wife thinks I should have it" and Dr. I Dunno agreed with her. So Plotnik got the vaccine. Apparently shingles is one seriously bad mamma jamma, and after The Great WantzaNewName's experience Plottie would like to avoid it. The vaccine is not infallible but supposedly helps even if you should come down with what would be a milder case.

Yet -- Plotnik has felt a little bit weird ever since then. Not a lot, you know, just that little tug in the back of the, you know, kinda over where the, you know, that little sore kinda, you know, just a little. It's probably all in his head. Right?


At 3:26 PM, Anonymous jj-aka-pp said...

"Right? Of course right! True? True."
Yentel comes to mind when someone says "Right?"

What a fun day! The production values for TF look interesting, guess I'll have to read the review.

Nice to hear from you during intermission!


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