The Great Plotnik

Monday, June 14, 2010

What a Beautiful Sunday

Truth is missing its final H, but we know what they're trying to say. A beautiful, beautiful Sunday in the Bay. The City Hall Farmer's Market was filled with people in shorts. Shorts! Plot needed lemon grass, juice oranges, fresh cherries and red curry paste. No problem, all within a few feet of each other. You can't beat farmers markets in Saint Plotniko.

The plotkicycle flies during good weather over torn up Valencia Street in front of the police station. The evangelists have returned to Mission Street from wherever they've been during the long rainy season, but they are easy to dodge. The lines are starting in front of Mitchell's Ice Cream. Painters and contractors are blocking intersections again with their trucks. Big watermelons and persians and honeydews fill up the outside bins at Church St. Produce Market.

Thanks to Heidi for reminding Plotnik that Labor Day is SepFogber 6 this year. Hopefully we can have Grillers in the Mist once again at World Headquarters, though what we're gonna do without Leo and Florence Plotnik is not sure.


At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Cousin Seattle said...

I stopped being able to focus at "Mitchell's Ice Cream"


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