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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unchanged in 25 Years

Plottie spent two fruitful days working on the Perfect Pitch in Stiletto City and two pleasant nights sitting on the sofa with Mummy Plotnik. She is doing well and the musical is back on track. Plotnik can safely say that while it may not be impossible to work by email and telephone alone, he can't do it. Davey Blue and Plottie got more done in a day and a half than they've accomplished in a year of long-distance attempts.

Plus email! It's screwy! You say things to each other when you're sitting right there and it's all over in a second. Collaborators argue, it means nothing -- and it also means a lot because it signals a spot in the show that must be dealt with. You deal with it.

When you try that by email and snap out a hissy note to someone it is never over, because that note engenders an equally hissy response and by the time you sort it through you're furious and he's furious and for what?

Stiletto City, The Great Plotnik's home town. A walk down any street in Stiletto City is one new episode after another in your favorite soap opera.

But you wouldn't believe 'em -- the Cossacks at the window? The penile implant and the pot store? The old recording studio from 25 years ago in Hollywood having been torn apart and reassembled in Aspen and then torn apart again and this time faithfully recreated in the same bedroom David grew up in?

Plottie hadn't seen Dave's Dad in more than 25 years. Leo is 90. He walked into the studio, paused at the door and then walked right up to Plotnik and said: "How many years is it! You look great, you haven't changed!"

Leo is a lot smaller than he used to be, but he has the same big smile. Plot told him he looked great too.

Later on, Dave told Plotnik that Leo is practically blind. He only knows where you are when he hears you talking. So this episode would be called: "The One Where Leo and Plotnik Pretend Each Other Hasn't Changed a Bit in Twenty Five Years."


At 10:17 AM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

Your adoring fans missed you yesterday and worried that the Perfect Pitch might have turned into a Brushback Pitch, or worse yet, a Beanball. In any case, worst fears were that someone was in jail and someone else was in the hospital. It hadn't occurred to me that there would be useful progress! Great news!

At 3:58 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Great ~ love the photo and words...


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