The Great Plotnik

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bye Bye to Brooklyn (For a Short Time)

It was hard to say good-bye to the Brooklyn Plotniks this morning, but there was time to pose for a few photos.

Then Plot and Duck hauled their roller bags onto the C Train with a few hundred thousand of their new close friends, and got out at 8th Avenue and 34th Street to walk down a few blocks and pick up the Megabus, which was an hour late, but the earlier bus was too, and was still sitting there, which meant the bus they got on left right on time. And here we are in D.C., in Patsy's kitchen on Harvard Street, smelling country style ribs cooking as we look forward to hanging out with the K-Dog tonight.

Last night: blintzes and borscht from Veselka. Wild-eyed Ukrainians and lots of sour cream and beets, plus Plotnik in the hat he would steal from PD in a heartbeat if it were a little bit bigger. The part Plottie doesn't like is he's getting old enough to start looking good in a hat.


At 6:34 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Fun times and the Giants only need one game to CLINCH. Tonight? Have a great time and come home pronto...


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