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Saturday, September 25, 2010

FiveHead Rescues Belly's Hand

This is not where the Plotniks ate dinner last night. Ninety nine BILLION! Can anyone comprehend this?

Instead, Six Plots and Charlie, BZ and the Plotniks' old high school friend, went to Pisticci in BZ's first NYC neighborhood, under the elevated #1 Train tracks near the 125th St. Station. What a great place, the kind of restaurant that doesn't exist in Saint Plotniko. Their food is absolutely stellar, but there's no bullsh__ about which farmer grew which organic radish leaf adorning the free range salami. Oops, I mean Salumi.

Nah, just incomparably good pasta and great drinks and a wonderful time. This was to celebrate BZ's birthday two weeks ago.

Waiting on the elevated tracks after dinner it was cool and balmy...

..., but heading uptown earlier in Rush Hour it was absolute hell. The #1 train was so crowded that Plot, 5H, PD, B-Bone and her stroller had to push and push just get the last possible space before they closed the subway door, with all of us levered against it in the crowd. Belly had been napping in her dad's arms, and at the last second she stuck out her arm, just as the door closed. Her hand and hair were now stuck in the door.

The Great FiveHead SCREAMED! (Remember: packed rush hour subway car.) At the same time she thrust her finger between the doors and pried it open. The car started then stopped and the door opened. Belly's hand was retrieved with no marks, but The Great 5H will not forget this one quickly. It took her wine and slurps of ginger snap whiskies to recover fully.


At 9:35 AM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

The Great 5H was understandably shaken by the subway incident, but how was Belly? Did she have any hesitation getting onto the train later? Scary stuff. Even scarier than the 99 billion thing (what are they going to do when they hit 100 billion - that sign has some compliance issues).

At 5:42 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Wow, indeed scary!


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