The Great Plotnik

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dungeness Crabs, Christmas Songs and Belly Fat

It was a beautiful sunrise over Bernal this morning when Plotnik went out to get the paper. He had heard mournful meeows for much of the night in the vicinity of the Great Plotnik Crab Disposal Units, after the fabulous crab supper last night at the Mushnik Family Estate.

There were lots of crabs going in...

...but none coming out, except for the empty claws which ended up tormenting a bunch of local pussy cats.

Meanwhile, Ducknik is on a delicious roll. Last night's sour cream lemon pie came after the previous night's buttermilk corn muffins, made in the cast iron corn-cob-shaped muffin tins that The Great BZWZ helped Duck find in the Providence Flea Market.

It's time for Christmas songs and belly fat. Bring 'em on!


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