The Great Plotnik

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Skeeter, Brenda and Barbara

It's Saturday morning and it rained all night, but cleared up just now. Everybody is walking their dog. Life goes on, and it's going to be beautiful today.

It was cold on Friday and Plotnik got the Cook Something Warm urge. So he emptied out his supply of dried chilies, some from Peru, some from Oaxaca, some from Guatemala, some from 24th Street, and turned them into chile con carne, also known as 'a bowl o' red,' and then took another bunch and made a very tasty beef rendang. Nowhere as good as the rendang from Singapore but well worth the effort.

The name 'Skeeter Davis' seems to have stumped a few Plotnikkies. For Plotnik, Skeeter, Brenda Lee ("I'm Sorry") and Barbara Lewis ("Hello, Stranger") are the female singers who moved him when he was a snap of a whipper. You can look them up too.


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