The Great Plotnik

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Two Views From GPWH

Yesterday afternoon The Great Ducknik took this shot of the what appears to be an everyday scene from the Luxury View Boxes at Great Plotnik World Headquarters. A closer examination, however...

...shows that where there have always been four towers on the Smokeland Bay Bridge to stare at, now a fifth is rising on the other side of Pleasure Island. The newcomer is the tower that will support the new bridge replacement, begun when The Great BZWZ was in first grade and scheduled to be completed when she finishes graduate school. Imagine what this view will look like then -- the tower is now only half as tall as it will be when finished, and there will be cables attached.

Last night the crescent moon hung low over John The King's house across the street. Too bad the King is currently on a tour of the South Bay.


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