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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The A/E Continuum

The Powerbook has died. Long live the Powerbook!

It's weird and not all that pleasant to be practically off the electronic tether, waiting for my ten minutes at Cap'n Crow's IPAD. I keep seeing things to write about, talk about, blog about, but there's no way to do it. All the music and work I put on the Powerbook to pass the hours. no go. It's no fun to think about The Great Attachment but there's no way to deny it.

In a cove called Lindbergh, almost under the Charlotte Amalie airport.. From the water, those planes sound extra loud but there aren't too many of them. This is the closet takeoff spot for the 20 mile sail to Culebra tomorrow, which is in Puerto Rico if you're Puerto Rican, or the Spanish Virgins if you're not. It should take us most of the day and it'll be nice to be under sail again. Hope to have just enough but not too much wind.

We saw cruise ships in the harbor today the size of third world countries. Like a lady we met said, "I'd rather have my eyes rasped out with a rusty spoon than go on one of those." Plotnik thought she said "ass" instead of "eyes" but Ducknik said the lady was from Charlotte so "eyes" sounds like "ass."

Plotnik agrees. It's hard to imagine anything more out of place and grosser than the Carnival Spirit or the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas. Make it two rusty spoons and use it anywhere you like, just keep those ugly puppies far away from The Great Plottie.

This is America, friends. Every once in awhile you see a black person. Must be why it's so filled with tour boats, charter boats, cruise ships and Scrapers of the Ass/Eye Continuum. Where in the world are all the people who live here?

Are we REALLY bombing LIbya? Honest Injun?


At 10:23 AM, Blogger bronwen said...

not to sound old-fashioned, but a good old regular journal is a tried and true way of keeping track of your sights and thoughts while you drift around the ocean. isn't bringing a powerbook to help pass the time on a sailboat in the caribbean kinda like... oh, bringing a game-boy to paris?


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