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Friday, December 14, 2012

Fewer Chestnuts Roasting

It's TIAPOS Christmas Party time tonight at Great Plotnik World Headquarters. Sadly, Chef Pickle is working and Sparker is living in a survivalist cabin somewhere up in Lake Tahoe, but the rest of us will be here.

Plot baked some Caribbean ribs last night to be glazed at the last minute. The Duck, feeling better now from the adjustment of her left front headlight, will take care of dessert. We'll all read stories and drink a little too much wine and that's the way it's supposed to be.

This year is the first year since Plot and Duck have been part of the Snowy Valley Voice crowd that the paper is not holding their own holiday party. Times are apparently harder than they look in the local publishing industry. The December issue is thick with ads. But then comes January.

Plot remembers this syndrome well. Musicians love hard-working December. But cold, jobless January always follows. In December, musicians are like squirrels. They take every job and bury the checks in the bank to be eaten in January and February.

Plot's buddies who are still hanging on trying to scrounge live gigs tell him things are far worse now than they used to be. Plot complained and complained about the misery of The Queen Mary at Christmas or (OhMyGod) The Trailer Park in Carson for New Years, but they all paid very well. Now, live jobs are fewer and fewer and they pay half as much.

Musicians and bands have been losing ground to DJs for years, but last night Plottie was talking to his nephew Nefnik, the drummer. Nefnik and his brother Dominant Force are planning a party for their parents' upcoming Big Anniversary with the 0 on the end.

Plot asked Nefnik what they would do for music?

"Oh, we'll just use an IPOD and a playlist. It's easier," said Nefnik, the drummer, to Plotnik, the piano player.

He's right. It is easier and a lot cheaper.

So it's over.

They don't have Christmas parties in China.


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