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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Pinning Party 2012

The Great BZWZ and Cousin Seattle, our two favorite rockheads, got to The Great Plotnik World Headquarters last night. Both their planes were delayed in the rain. Of the two, one was more tired than the other.

Dinner came first: Pomegranate Chicken Wings, two Cousin Seattle salads and Mexican Chocolate and pumpkin ice cream from Mitchell's.

Finally, it was time for the Pinning Party. The Great BZWZ put Indonesia, Manchester and Glasgow into the map and Plot and Duck added Glacier National Park and just about every square inch of Spain.


At 5:59 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Wonderful! You didn't forget Portugal, did you? The Cinnamon Snap seasonal ice cream from Mitchell's is also worth discussing in depth.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

Weird that there isn't a pin in Kansas. There's so much there. Like, ummm, lots of stuff.


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